End of ‘heart attack’ was experienced in the Plus 45 Basketball Tournament | THE UNIVERSAL

Basketball is more alive than ever in Cartagena. And it is more significant when practiced by veteran players who refuse to let time pass them by, because the best way to beat it is to continue practicing it at a high level despite age.

The final of the Plus 45 Basketball Tournament, held on Wednesday night at Parque HL Román de Manga, was sensational and unforgettable between the Isla de Manga and Caracoles teams.

It was a game of bells, where both quintets jumped onto the field to give everything and shed the last drop of sweat.

The first quarters were very tense and very physical as the players mostly showed their competitive spirit. Fortunately, the referees handled the challenge well and it went smoothly to the end.

After four quarters at full pace and very close, the victory was taken by Isla de Manga by a score of 66-61.

The partials were: 13-16; 28-26; 45-47 and 66-61.

For Isla de Manga their best scorers were: Antonio Cuesta with 27 points; Sebastian Aponte with 16; Jáider Zúñiga with 10; Bernardo Herrera, Ernesto Pulido and Alonso Aragón with three each.

For Caracoles they shone on offense: Álvaro Díaz with 15; Néicer Marimón with 14; José Julian Guerrero with 11; Simón Figueredo and Asdrúbal Ruiz both with 5; Harold Ramos with 4; Delimiro Olier with 3 and Elbert Julio with 2.

The champion roster is: Ernesto Pulido, Bernardo Herrera, Alberto Fonseca, Alonso Aragón, Rafael Vergara, Iván Valdés, Ernesto Armenteros, Roberto Sierra, Rodrigo Sánchez, Carlos Sierra, Jáider Zúñiga, Jairo Berástegui, Antonio Álvarez, Antonio Cuesta and Sebastián Aponte.

Runner-up list: Wilman García, Dowel Lora, Alex Castillo, Asdrúbal Ruiz, Pedro Jaraba, Roberto Palomeque, José Julián Guerrero, Helbert Julio, Cristian Villamizar, Harold Ramos, Antonio Manuel, Delimiro Olier, Néicer Marimón, Álvaro Díaz, and Simón Figueredo.

The contest had the participation of six teams: Isla de Manga, Caracoles, Patriarcas, Alcoldi, Hazmat, Magisterio and Centenario.

The tournament was coordinated by Alberto Fonseca and judged by the Cartagena de Indias Basketball Referee Corporation (Codabaci).

The judges who were imparting justice both on court and at the control table were; José Vicente Viola Baena (coordinator), José Viola Salguedo, Antonio Gosen, María Cortés, Alberto Jaraba, Gustavo Arteaga and Amelia Arnedo.



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