Eintracht Frankfurt and Co.: Here you can see the crackers live on TV – football

Five exciting games and tough decisions! The next few days will make football fans’ hearts beat faster. It’s THE crunch time of the football season!

And this is how they follow the crackers live on TV:

The dream final: Frankfurt – Rangers, today at 9 p.m

More than 120,000 Scots and Frankfurters have boarded the final venue Seville in Spain and are celebrating a huge party! The Spanish police are now warning local innkeepers not to serve beer that has been chilled too well. Because then the thirsty fans would drink even more…

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If you prefer to open your cold drink at home, you should RTL or RTL+ (Display) switch on!


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Will HSV – here Mikkel Kaufmann at the game in Rostock – also celebrate in Berlin? Hertha is at least ailing, while Hamburg is on the upswingPhoto: WITTERS

The relegation, part 1: Hertha – HSV, Thursday, 8.30 p.m.:

It is the game of the big city clubs and at the same time the clash of the chaos clubs of recent years: Hertha against HSV – that definitely promises tradition, excitement and many fans in the stadium, in the pubs and on the streets.

You can see the first leg live on SAT 1 and on Sky.

The cup final: Freiburg – Leipzig, Saturday 8 p.m

Nobody would have expected this cup final! Especially not the Freiburg, who deliver a strong season. After two finals in Berlin, the people of Leipzig finally want to hold their first pot in their hands.

You can follow the cup final live on ARD and on Sky!

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The Kloppo Final: Liverpool v Wolves, Sunday 5pm

Jurgen Klopp and his team are just a point behind Pep and Manchester City going into the last matchday. The Citizens are playing at home against Aston Villa at the same time. That promises pure excitement!

Who will be Premier League champions? Sky broadcasts live!

The relegation, part 2: HSV-Hertha, Monday 8.30 p.m

The all-important second leg. Who is promoted, who has to compete in League 2?

Live on Sky and SAT 1!

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