Eden Hazard thinks of quitting after the 2022 World Cup

After three years of ordeal constantly going through the Real Madrid infirmary, Eden Hazard is in a complicated period despite the Champions League title. Selected with Belgium as part of the League of Nations, the striker assured not to have “no more physical worries. Everything is in order. It’s up to me to show that I’m not finished. That’s why I never had the urge to leave in my head. I know that if I find my level I can bring a lot to this team. I hope to have minutes next season and then we will see the real Eden Hazard again.he assures the press.

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However, it seems more complicated than expected and the ex-Chelsea striker does not know when his ordeal will end. A finding that forces him to change his career plans, even to give up on certain selection goals after the 2022 World Cup. Continue with the Red Devils after Qatar? “It will depend on the injuries and how I feel. If he plays with injuries, you shouldn’t ask me to continue.”. The Belgian was clear…



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