Dutch Veterans Championships 2022

Monday 16 May, 13:51 o’clock

After a forced hiatus of two years, the long series of Dutch Championships for veterans organized by Badminton Netherlands in collaboration with BC Amersfoort could be continued last weekend. Both days were a bit shorter than usual, but there was just as fanatical fighting for the points and the fun next to the track was no less than usual for large parts of the weekend.

Unfortunately there were three dropouts, but fortunately physio Martin ter Plegt did not have to deal with serious injuries. After federation chairman Jan Helmond had awarded all the medals on Sunday afternoon (see the overview of all prize winners below), the Wim Top Trophy was still on the table. This challenge cup is awarded at every NVK to a participant who (in whatever way) has strongly committed to veterans badminton in the Netherlands. This time the prize went to Robbert Kraag, who was responsible for the organization of the Dutch veterans competition for many years. He is going to stop doing that now, but the “veteran community” is very grateful to Robbert for his many years of dedication!

NVK 2022 winners

ME 35+: 1. Léon Nottelman 2. Lars Sijben

ME 45+: 1. Robert Otto 2. Marco Gouw

ME 50+: 1. Arjan Regtien 2. Remco Lammers

ME 55+: 1. Jaap Windt 2. Philip Oei

ME 60+: 1. Christ Daamen 2. Rick Paap

ME 65+: 1. Geert Potjewijd 2. Jacky Noya

ME 70+: 1. Johan Meijer 2. Rob Smit

VE 40+: 1. Xandra Theorem

VE 45+: 1. Georgy van Soerland

VE 50+: 1. Petra Surveyor 2. Liesbeth de Boer

VE 55+: 1. Jeannette van der Werff 2. Linda van Houten

MD 35+: 1. Dennis van Daalen de Jel/Rikkert Suijkerland 2. Léon Nottelman/David Noya

MD 45+: 1. Robert Otto/Ernst Jan de Keijzer 2. Marco Gouw/Quint Hofman

MD 50+: 1. Arjan Regtien/Rown Schara 2. Gricha Camonier/Robbert Collar

MD 55+: 1. Jeroen van Dalm/Jaap Windt 2. Christ Daamen/Rick Paap

MD 60+: 1. Rob Peperkamp/Paul de Laak

MD 65+: 1. Geert Potjewijd/Peter Verwei 2. Jacky Noya/Paul Willems

MD 70+: 1. Karel Weinberg/Johan Meijer 2. Joop van Dijen/Karel Tokromo

VD 40+: 1. Ilja Bakker/Xandra Stelling

VD 45+: 1. Georgy van Soerland/Mariëlle vd Woerdt

VD 50+: 1. Linda van Houten/Petra Surveyor 2. Liesbeth de Boer/Ineke Lotgering

VD 55+: 1. Sandra Kroon / Jeannette vd Werff

GD 35+: 1. Léon Nottelman/Gita Djajawasito 2. Erik Wolf/Ilja Bakker

GD 45+: 1. Marco Gouw/Georgy van Soerland 2. Robert Otto/Petra Surveyor

GD 50+: 1. Remco Lammers/Linda van Houten 2. Rowan Schara/Ineke Lotgering

GD 55+: 1. Marcel Rietberg / Sandra Kroon 2. Bas v. Barnau Sijthoff / Jeannette v / d Werff

GD 60+: 1. Rick Paap / Martine Kortlandt



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