Dong-Eui University badminton club alumni association, donated 10 million won for development fund

Dong-Eui University President Han Su-hwan (left) and alumni Park Myung-han are taking a commemorative photo after delivering the development fund.

[아시아경제 영남취재본부 황두열 기자] Dong-Eui University badminton club alumni association donated 10 million won to the university development fund for juniors.

The funds were delivered to President Han Su-hwan on the 10th, when Myeong-han Park, alumni from the 1st class and Dong-heon Kim, alumni from the 6th class, visited the president’s office on the 10th.

The badminton club alumni association was formed in 2002 and has been steadily supporting sports equipment for juniors.

Dong-eui University plans to use the funds received to support athletes’ training and improve the athletic environment.

Alumni Park Myung-han, who attended as the alumni representative, said, “I hope that talented juniors will continue to be produced in the future to raise the honor of the school and the badminton club.”

Dong-Eui University badminton club was founded in 1998, and includes Park Tae-sang (P.E. class 98, coach of the Indian national team), Ko Seong-hyeon (Physical Education class 06, Gimcheon City Hall), Jeon Hyuk-jin (Physical Education class 14, Yonex), and Choi Hyuk-kyun (Athletics class 16, Miryang City Hall) Produced incumbent national team members.

Reporter Doo-Yeol Hwang from Yeongnam Reporting Headquarters



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