Dockers Sports, sports collection inspired by the 90s

The current rhythm of life invites us to take looks more relaxed, allowing us to move freely. So we come to the conclusion that these two pieces of Dockers Sports They will become your new essentials for this season. Because they are very comfortable and super stylish.

Because who said sweatpants and hoodies couldn’t be cool? For a long time the idea was maintained that these garments were intended solely and exclusively to be used when practicing a sport, but fortunately the rules have changed and now it is possible to assemble looks spectacular with these stylish banners.

Dockers Sports has the garments that you should not miss

The retro and comfortable touch you were looking for.Courtesy Dockers

Dockers knows perfectly well that to assemble your outfits From day to day you need to use functional, comfortable, versatile and timeless pieces that spread positivity and enthusiasm. Now, with this collection, getting dressed will no longer be a challenge when you want to be comfortable and fashionable, since all the essence of comfort and quality of the iconic Californian brand has been printed in these pieces, which invite you to dare to take that step that It will allow you to always be on the move and, at the same time, show off an elevated outfit.

Although Dockers Sports It is made up of several pieces, we want to introduce you to the stars of the collection; two garments which, together or separately, form the look ideal of any sporty girl fashionista.

Sport Hoodie

Casual, comfortable and super combinable. This is the way we can describe this iconic and essential piece. Thanks to its relaxed lines, it is the perfect garment to complement any look in seconds. Wear it with jeans, shorts, biker shorts, or if you are already very daring, you can mix it with a skirt or dress.

This hoodie can be the protagonist look, or, you can use it as a layer and thus complement your relaxed and modern style. Its texture is so soft that you will want to use it every day. And thinking of all tastes, it is available in both pop-over and zip-up, so you choose.



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