Divide UPAEP men’s basketball wins

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05/02/2022 , 6:56 pm

A victory and a defeat was the balance that the UPAEP Eagles had in their visit to the country’s capital in their participation in the ABE Division 1 League. The Pueblans triumphed 75-78 in overtime against Pumas UNAM and the disaster and loss of the undefeated was against UP by 79-65.

From the start, the match against Pumas was even, the Eagles managed to take the lead thanks to three triples that came from the hands of Ivory Vargas, Raúl Palacios and Alberto Cruz, the latter with a minute to go, to close the score 22-17. .

The contribution of Omar Rangel and Javier García Zavala (triple) maintained the advantage for the Águilas although with 2:27 to go Huerta put the Pumas ahead for the first time, a situation that did not last long as Kevin Tapia with a free kick and Sadol Martínez sent the game at halftime 35-37.

For the return of the break, the eight points from Alberto Cruz were important for UPAEP to stay ahead. Along with him, Kevin Tapia and Raúl Palacios also contributed to the offense, four points each, leaving the score 48-50.

In the first two minutes of the fourth episode, the Pumas took advantage of seven thanks to Osnaya, Huerta and Miranda. UPAEP was reducing the difference with the baskets of Pedro Mendoza, Raúl Palacios and Alberto Cruz, although it was Javier Silva who with 11 seconds to go tied the game at 68.

In extra time UPAEP went ahead and did not let go of the advantage, Raúl Palacios had four points and Javier Silva six, enough to take the victory 75-78. Alberto Cruz was the best scorer of the game with 21 points, followed by Raúl Palacios who had 15.

Already in the duel with the Panthers, UPAEP let go of the victory in the first half as they fell in the partials 28-17 and 24-9. In the second half he tried to react and in the fourth quarter he scored 24 points that were insufficient to remain undefeated, falling 79-65.

On Wednesday, May 4, the UPAEP will receive the Halcones de la Inter at the Nido at 7:00 p.m.

UPAEP Women’s Basketball reaches four wins in the ABE League The UPAEP Women’s Basketball Eagles defeated the Leonas de la Anáhuac Norte 40-76 to add their fourth win in five games in the current season of the ABE League Division 1. The first quarter was even, both teams had the advantage on the scoreboard; however, UPAEP was the one who did not let go after a triple by Zaira Alvarado that put the game 12-10. Ángel Fierro added two other baskets and the scoreboard closed 16-12 for the visitors.

From the second period, the Eagles took control of the game imposing a good defense. In the attack, Diana Villalobos was the protagonist, scoring half of the points (including two triples) and sending the game to halftime with runs of 18-36. In the third period, Zaira Alvarado was a good defensive player, recovering three rebounds. Alvarado herself also added two triple shots and a double, with her Viridiana Mazzocco added four points under the rim to put figures of 28-55.

Already with the result in hand, UPAEP did not lower the intensity in its offensive plays and had its best period in this area. Dulce Pérez took advantage of the minutes and scored six points, Indira Martínez was awarded a triple and Diana Villalobos returned to the court to add six more points and put the final score with a difference of 36.

Diana Villalobos was the best scorer of the game with 18 points, followed by Zaira Alvarado who scored 15. The next game for the red and white quintet will be on May 7 when they host at 11:00 am against Tec CEM.

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