Disgrace at youth football game: father chokes 14-year-olds, threatens parents with knives! | Regional

Berlin – Shock scenes at a C youth game on the George Floyd sports field in the Poststadion: The father (47) of a player from the Berliner Athletik Klub 07 e. V. (BAK), who had been fouled, ran onto the field and attacked a youth from SC Staaken.

According to the police, this foul on the 47-year-old’s son should have been the trigger. A video shows how the 14-year-old SC Staaken player kicked the 47-year-old’s son after he fouled him. This obviously caused the father to lose control.

This foul is said to have been the trigger: A Staakener player (in white) pulls the leg away from the BAK player

Photo: Private

Shortly before 12 noon on Saturday he went onto the field, brought the 14-year-old Staakener to the ground – and choked him! “Then he pulled out a knife and threatened other fathers who rushed to help,” said a police spokesman. There was a riot.

The armed man is said to have shouted “I’ll stab you”. He was arrested by the police. The public prosecutor’s office is investigating the brutal knife offender for dangerous bodily harm and attempted dangerous bodily harm.

“That’s a no go. As a club, we are proud that the coaches intervened despite the knife and were able to prevent worse things from happening,” said BAK youth leader Burak Isikdaglioglu (35) to BILD. The father was present at his son’s game for the first time.

Several spectators storm the field and try to settle

Several spectators storm the field and try to settle

Photo: Private

The victim escaped with a bruise on his neck. “He’s fine. I’m still shattered. I’ve never seen or experienced anything like it, especially at a youth game. Who takes a knife to a youth game,” says Staaken youth leader Michael Grässner (62) to BILD.

The game of the U-15 juniors was stopped after the attack (score 2:0 for Staaken). The BAK would like to forego a replay.



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