Deportivo Cali vs Fortaleza LIVE free online for eighth of Copa Betplay | Colombian Soccer | bet play cup

Deportivo Cali vs Fortaleza LIVE free online for eighth of Copa Betplay |  Colombian Soccer |  bet play cup

Min 85. Fortaleza was saved! Santiago Mosquera’s ball that had to be deflected by Pedro Franco. He passed very close!

Min 80. Great approach from Deportivo Cali! Teo’s talent appeared and he almost got the second.

Min 76. Tempers heat up in the game. Teo Gutiérrez complains to the referee. Everyone intervenes.

Min 67. It gets uphill for Deportivo Cali. The match is 1-1 (4-2 aggregate).

Min 66. ¡Goooooooooool de Fortaleza! Gol de Adrián Parra. Center from the left by Jhon Jairo Solís and the attacker receives the middle to define at will.

Min 63. First yellow card for Deportivo Cali. Offensive foul by Teófilo Gutiérrez.

Min 62. Guillermo Burdisso’s header and the center-back clears in anticipation of his own goalkeeper.

Min 52. Vásquez tried with a mid-distance shoe. The ball did not go down enough and went wide.

Min 50. Round trip match. The sugar bowls do not give up and go to the front to match the series. The tawny try to extend the advantage in the global.

The second half started in Bogotá between Fortaleza and Cali!

The first half on Techo is over! With a goal from Angelo Rodríguez, Cali is up on the scoreboard (0-1).

Min 45+2. Great Fortress Attempt! Parra, the most insistent on the premises, tested the reflexes of the Verdiblanco goalkeeper.

Min 44. Edgard Camargo appeared to surprise with a mid-distance shot; the ball was deflected to the corner.

Min 41. Fortaleza does not lower her arms and presses in midfield. However, he can not clearly reach the last quarter of the field.

Min 35. Corner shot and Cali’s second almost arrived. Burdisso’s header and Jhon Vásquez’s shot on goal Save by goalkeeper Yimmy Gómez!

Min 33. Fortaleza continues to dangerously approach the properties of Guillermo de Amores. Kevin Aladesamni tried, but he sent her over the top.

Min 30. Now the one who is treated on the field of play is Ángelo, who was stunned after a crash.

Min 27. Party cut by repeated fouls. Stronghold 0-1 Cali (3-2 overall).

Min 24. The game is stopped after a hard foul by Caldera on Solís.

Min 18. Cali began to suffer with the aggressiveness of Fortaleza. José Caldera had to burst the ball after another approach from Parra.

Min 15. Little by little the local team appears and tries with Adrián Parra.

Min 10. ¡Goooooooooool del Deportivo Cali! Goal by Ángelo Rodríguez, after Kevin Velasco’s authorization.

Min 6. The one with the need is Cali and it seems that he understands it. He came out to show his teeth early.

The match is already played at the Metropolitano de Techo!

protocol acts. The teams come out onto the field.

Confirmed alignments in Fortaleza and Deportivo Cali:


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