“Declaration of support for Suwon City mayor candidate Lee Jae-joon, with 30 cultural artists and 5,000 badminton fans in Suwon City”

[수원인터넷뉴스] Suwon City Cultural Artist 30causal badminton life sports 5000In Yi 16He visited an election office in Japan and declared his support for Candidate Jae-Jun Lee..

this afternoon 3City Suwon City Cultural Artist 30phosphorus Last 2corona for years 19 The spread of culture made the lives of artists Candidate Jae-Jun Lee is the politician who listened to the stories of cultural artists and found solutions together during difficult times.said.

Following Passing through the long tunnel of despair, to inform the citizens of Suwon about the value of culture and art, Candidate Jae-Jun Lee is the only politician who will revive the culture and arts of Suwon, where tradition and culture are alive.he added.

Accordingly, this candidate Art is a lamp that allows us to endure difficult times, and an existence that ignites a spark of hope in one’s heart.saying corona 19 As the spread is decreasing, the Corona virus is held in various places in Suwon through cultural and artistic performances.19I hope that many citizens who are tired ofsaid.

Then, Suwon-si badminton club 5000The person continued to declare support. these are The foundation of a healthy Suwon Special City is a healthy citizensaidWe support Jae-Jun Lee, who will lead the development of sports and vitalization policies for life sports, such as ensuring a stable life for athletes and expanding sports facilities.said.

Candidate Jae-Jun Lee Healthy citizens come from life sports activitiesas We will support sports facilities in various places in Suwon for not only badminton but other daily sports activities.said.

This camp official Every day, people from all walks of life in Suwon continue to declare their support.saying Candidate Jae-Jun Lee’s sincerity in Suwon for a long time has led to a series of declarations of support from Suwon citizens.said.

Lee Jae-joon, the first candidate for Suwon mayor of the Democratic Party of Korea2Policy that served as deputy mayor and chairman of Suwon City Foundation·Communication·as an administrative expert, Former Vice-Chairman of the Democratic Party’s Policy Committee, Former Chairman of the Suwon-si Gap District of the Democratic Party of Korea, Expert member of the National Planning Advisory Committee under the former President of the Moon Jae-in government, He served as a member of the Sustainable Development Committee under the former President of the Roh Moo-hyun government..



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