Cremona Sera – DocRock Borghetti (center-right): “Great Cream Basketball and the gym is a bit piculina”. So is there a lot to review in the sports policy of Cremona? Giorgia Meloni arrives on Monday

“Pallacanestro Crema wins and stays in B! Many thanks and many congratulations to the team with its legendary captain Pietro Del Sorbo, to the coach and to the club with my friend, the hyperbolic and super-motivated Lorenza Branchi.

As a candidate for mayor I can say that … the gym is a little bit piculinum for the overflowing cheering.
Proud of you, Crema players, with Laura Zanibelli. “

So posted the mayoral candidate of the center in Crema Maurizio Borghetti last Wednesday 25 May. Here is now the post of the supporter Lorenza Branchi

Thanks Maurizio for being with us. It was important to me. And for all those who were at PalaCremonesi (many, many) there or with their hearts. Whoever governs the city cannot neglect this passion, all those youngsters and children with the happy eyes of yesterday. For too long we have been left alone. Counting on you”

So is there a lot to review in the city’s sports policy in recent years? Meanwhile, on Monday Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy party, will be in Crema at 2.30 pm, in Piazza Garibaldi, to pull the sprint to Borghetti.



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