Coral game of Tenerife with the teacher Marcelinho to win the Champions in Miribilla

The Lenovo Tenerife squad and coaching staff celebrate their victory in the Basketball Champions League final. / Maika Salguero

A very even duel was expected and so it started on the Bilbao track, where 8,157 spectators attended

Yesterday in Miribilla, the Basketball Champions League final pitted two Endesa League play-off teams against each other, who like to watch for their dynamic style. A very even duel was expected and that’s how it started on the Bilbao track, where 8,157 spectators attended with a large majority of Manresa fans. It was that red tide that dominated in the stands.

Baxi Manresa

Francisco (12), Moneke (24), Steinbergs, Rafa Martínez, Valtonen (2), Bako (2), Vaulet (6), Thomasson (15), Maye (10), Dani Pérez (12) and Sima (4) .

Lenovo Tenerife

Fitipaldo (7), Smith, Marcelinho Huertas (13), Salin (18), Sastre (9), Shermanidi (14), Todorovic, Sulejmanovic (5), Wiltjer (17), Guerra (4) and Doornekamp (11).

Chima Moneke, one of the sensations of the domestic league, was Manresa’s guide in the first minutes with twelve points without fail, including two triples. On the opposite side, a brilliant Marcelinho Huertas led, with his foggy vision and magical assists. Until the break, Txus Vidorreta’s men were more orthodox in their attacks, where rooks Kyle Wiltjer, Aaron Doornekamp and Fran Guerra also participated, in addition to veteran Shermadini.

Manresa tried to print a high pace and obtained its income from abroad. One on one and penetrations were the basic weapons of the men coached by Pedro Martínez. A series of triple and basket of two by Joe Thomasson brought his fans to their feet. The Catalan side shot fearlessly (40 field goals to Tenerife’s 29 in the first half) and eagerly sought the offensive rebound to have a second chance. If the first quarter ended evenly (25-27), the break was reached with the minimum difference in favor of Manresa (50-49).

Everything changed in the third round. Vidorreta and his boys read the defense, sometimes zonal, of Manresa and launched themselves for the title. Marcelinho chose the best options to fill the free spaces. If Manresa did not occupy the perimeter, the canaries were there to try their luck. They had sharpened their wrists and punished the opponent with seven triples in ten minutes. Choral discipline was imposed. The islanders took distances before the last chapter (67-82).

Manresa wanted but could not against an orchestrated rival. A triple by Maye (79-91) fueled the hopes of the red tide, but it was a minimum illusion against a Tenerife led by Marcelinho, with a past in Bilbao Basket, he was chosen MVP of the final (13 points, 14 assists and 22 valuation) at 38 years old.



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