Concussion on the home CS: GO scene! Jankto lured the legend, paid millions and declared an attack on the Major

The arrival of the highly experienced Slovak player Kovács aroused the greatest response. A 30-year-old native of Komárno is a multiple participant in the famous Major. In the past he worked in, NAVI and Faze Clan.

According to the HLTV portal, he was one of the top twenty players in the world between 2013 and 2013. He last played for the Singularity team. Kovács is to act as a mentor for the team, who will lead the young group to the top of the European scene. The Sampi leadership also talks about attacking the Major.

Equally explosive is the transfer of 20-year-old Slovak Matúš “Matys” Šimek, who was one of the masterminds of the rise of the Slovak organization Enterprise and who, after David “forsyy” Bílý, is another big star who is leaving the Slovak team.

“The transfer amount, especially for Matys, as one of the best domestic players, is in seven-digit numbers. This is the second million transfer on the local scene under the baton of Enterprise, “said Sampi manager Jakub Imrich in a press release.

Andrej “Adejis” Kameništiak, who is the same old, is also heading to Tuchoměřice. Lukáš “sAvana” Lintner, who has a successful career in the eSuba team, who won bronze medals at the Czech Championship last year, will also shoot for Sampi. Michal “T4gg3D” Vrzal, an 18-year-old talent, completes the list.

“We are 100% convinced of the players that they will make it far and the game will grow. They are still young and have a great future ahead of them. Even because of this potential, it makes sense for us to invest in the team, “said Jankto.

The team will be led by the promising coach Jakub “bfull” Kokoška, ​​who has a stage at Dynamo Eclot.



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