Colombia Selection: Luis Sinisterra on elimination Qatar 2022 Falcao and Ospina | Colombia selection

The environment of the Colombia selection has been quiet in recent times. Months of reflection, to begin to trace what will be the path to the 2026 World Cup, with the slogan of a new litter of players who will join the process.

To the process of the tricolor, in recent times, joined Louis Ferdinand Sinister Lucumi, who has had magnificent seasons with Feyenoord. The end is one of those called to be the determinants in the tricolor, for the potential, present and future. For the moment, the concentration is on what will be the final of the UEFA Conference Leaguewhere the Dutch team will be facing Roma.

Sinisterra spoke exclusively with FUTBOLRED, from Lisbon, the place chosen by Feyenoord to prepare for this week’s UECL final against Roma, which will take place in Albania, about the tricolor, not qualifying for the World Cup and the start of the new process.

Atmosphere in the dressing room of the national team, after the elimination on the way to Qatar 2022

It was something sad, we had that faith that we could achieve it. We did our part, unfortunately the results were not forthcoming. Inside the dressing room, it was very quiet, nobody believed it. It is to assimilate quickly, you have to turn this around in the following years.

They talked about what had to be talked about, what to touch. The technician headed towards us, but that was it. There was no deeper talk.

Responsibility of being part of the replacement of the Colombia team

I don’t see it as a responsibility. I try to give the best to the team, every time I go, it is my job, my passion and my dream, to contribute and be present. If I have to take it as a responsibility, obviously I will. I am a person of challenges, goals. It’s about giving the best to the team and if I’m part of that process, I’d always be willing to give my best.

Atmosphere of the Colombia team

I get along well with Carlos Cuesta, we already came from the U20 selection processes, we already have a little more friendship. With Cuadrado we talk a lot. Yairo and Mina are the funniest of the group, they always bring joy. The most serious is David Ospina, Radamel. They are very calm people.

Contact with the current coaching staff

At the moment, I have not had contact, also because I have an important challenge with Feyenoord. It is better to be focused. When the final is over, to be able to put myself under the coach’s orders, which is what you always want.

Call for friendly against Saudi Arabia

It is always an aspiration, from here to there to see the club’s decisions, whatever happens. I always want to be there and contribute to the national team. That more than in that renewal, start from now.

Prompt selection of the technician in property

It is an important decision. It is a country. It would be good to start now to reach a fairly long time, to make a good team, a good family.



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