Class placements for the youngest of the Hofer Judoka

Class placements for the youngest of the Hofer Judoka

At the Upper Franconian individual championship in the U10 age group in Hof, nine young judoka from Hof ​​started on the new Hofer mat.
They did very well against their Upper Franconian competitors and won four first places, two second places, two third places and one fourth place.

In the U10 age group, Karla Kimler defeated all opponents in her pool in the class up to 31 kg, also prevailed against her sister Luise and became first. Luise Kimler fought for third place. Neele Wiertelorz up to 34 kg and Sarah Gmeiner up to 45 kg came in second.

For the boys, Marc Sattler (up to 26 kg), Jan Gmeiner (up to 39 kg) and Samir Ahmadi (up to 50 kg) became Upper Franconian champions in their weight classes. Leonhard Schattner was third up to 50 kg and Patrik Schmidt was fourth up to 35 kg.


Photo from left:

Sarah Gmeiner, Neele Wietelorz, Karla Kimler, Marc Sattler, Kimler Luise, Leonhard Schattner, Jan Gmeiner, Patrick Schmidt, Samir Ahmadi



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