Chris Webber, the show’s leader

As one of the leaders of this group, his first seasons show that, well surrounded, this man will be able to achieve feats at Sac-Town. Half of a super kiffing duo with Jason Williams, the two jewels splash the NBA with all their fearlessness and talent. The equation is simple: crazy passer + explosive player = squatted Top 10 podium every night the Kings play. Be careful though, there is no question of dressing up C-Webb with this unique label of hoop breaker. This is certainly his favorite way to conclude his actions, but he is capable of many other feats. The vista is present, it distributes a lot of caviars to friends taking advantage of the attention it generates in the defenses. There is also the rolled arm and the work of supports which are to be emphasized in fluorescent purple, we are talking about the Kings anyway. A year before all this fabulous adventure that we are telling you about takes place, position 4 sends its best season in scoring in terms of career: 27.1 pawns on average, it is that it is downright dominating the guy in fact . All of this brings us finally to the start of the 2001-02 fiscal year, and Chris is hungry for a title.

The story of this regular seen through the prism of number 4 of the Kings, it is a season made of bangs and frenzied evenings which really break the codes with the other strong wingers of the league. It is useful to remember that at this time, the racket and more particularly the space under the basket are won over to the domination of the giants, Shaquille O’Neal at the top of the list. We therefore expect strong wingers to be at the peak of their effectiveness two or three meters from the basket. Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan and the eternal Karl Malone embody all this very well, in a style of play certainly less spectacular than that of C-Webb but which has proven its cutting efficiency. These last few lines, the guy doesn’t care: it crushes anything that has the courage – or the naivety – to come and try to slow him down. Record 39 points achieved in February against Seattle… nice out of the All-Star Game, where he was logically on the floor to party. In short, the season ends and it is therefore the Jazz who will be the opponent of the Kings as eighth in the West.

We were talking about Karl Malone, this series looks like a passing of the torch to position 4. C-Webb was not of extraordinary dominance but the difference was still in favor of the Kings player. Well superior in rebounding and blocking, Chris gave Utah few second chances during the four games of a series that was won in three sets at the time. His teammates do the job next door and the very hard style of the 90s embodied by the Mailman must give way to basketball that sniffs the street, dedicated to raising crowds as soon as CW takes flight. Don’t worry, the future of the strong wing position is in good hands. In addition to capsizing an Arco Arena completely committed to the cause of his team, these actions have a painful mental impact on the opponent. Yes, it’s difficult to take a highlight on the ganache every two minutes, no one will tell us otherwise.

Chris Webber will have brought a touch of fun and spectacle in the rather sober design that the strong winger in the NBA has so far represented. That’s good, because in addition it was effective. This is also the next step in the journey of the Kings, namely to rub shoulders with one of the most promising 4 positions in the area. A clue ? He is German and wears the number 41.



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