Chile: the Minister of Defense and an escort of the president are robbed

The house of the Chilean Defense Minister, Maya Fernández, was attacked while she was not present, but her family was. At the same time, one of President Gabriel Boric’s escorts was shot in the arm after the official car was stolen, authorities confirmed this Saturday.

Fernández, granddaughter of Salvador Allende, the socialist leader overthrown by the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990), was not at home in the Ñuñoa neighborhood at the time of the assault on Friday night, but the criminals beat her son and threatened her husband. “As a result of this crime, unknown individuals stole species and also a vehicle,” Police General Jean Camus told the press. One of the subjects would carry a knife and another what would be a firearm, a revolver, “said the prosecutor on duty, Francisco Lara.

On the same night, one of the bodyguards working in President Boric’s security team was assaulted. The escort, a Carabineros police sergeant, was alone in the vehicle in the San Miguel neighborhood in southern Santiago, returning to the La Moneda presidential palace to leave the car. The criminals approached him and took him to a town in the north of the city. They attacked him and shot him, then abandoned him in the street and fled aboard the vehicle.

“We must redouble our commitment to security and increase efficiency levels to deal with crime in Chile,” said Undersecretary Vergara this Saturday. Chile is experiencing “the worst moment in security since the return to democracy,” the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara, acknowledged weeks ago, due to the increase in both the number and the seriousness of crimes.



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