Children who are interested in baseball, let’s enjoy baseball together! The 3rd Yoshimoto Enjoy Baseball in Koshigaya ~ Anyway, an event to enjoy baseball ~

“The 3rd Yoshimoto Enjoy Baseball in Koshigaya” will be held on May 15th (Sun) at M2 SPORTS FIELD (Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture).
“Yoshimoto Enjoy Baseball” isLet children know the fun of baseballThis is a baseball class aimed at this, and this time we will develop it for inexperienced people so that children who have no experience in baseball can experience the fun of baseball.
This is the third time that “in Koshigaya” will be held at M2 SPORTS FIELD, following April 9th ​​(Sat) and April 30th (Sat).
* The 4th time will be on Saturday, June 4, with coaches Yasuyuki Kataoka (Seibu Lions → Yomiuri Giants), Kotaro Hansaki, and Dokkyo University Baseball Club.
We aim to create a classroom (baseball environment) for parents and children who have missed the opportunity to start baseball due to time constraints, such as “I want to cherish family time on weekends and holidays, and want to do other lessons.”Feel free to enjoy baseball in a short timeWe will prepare a program for children who have no experience in baseball.

■ Total Ten Bosch Kensuke Fujita Comment

The fun of baseball for children who have no experience in baseball
And I want to tell parents what to do first!

2022.05.15 Yoshimoto Enjoy Baseball in Koshigaya

Date and time: May 15, 2022 (Sun) 10:30~11:30
■ Location: 2 SPORTS FIELD 595-1 Otake, Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture 343-0034
■ Coaches: Total Ten Bosch Kensuke Fujita, Hanshin Kotaro (baseball-loving comedian), Tsubasa Nagase (former Koshien baseball player), and three students from Dokkyo University’s baseball club
■ Target: Inexperienced baseball players (5 years old to 4th grade) * Capacity 40 people
■ Contents: Warming up, how to throw, catch, and hit the ball
■ Participation fee: ¥ 2,500 * Cash will be collected on the day of the event.

■ Cooperation: Calbee Co., Ltd., Mizuno Co., Ltd., Nagase Kenko Co., Ltd.
Baseball Town Koshigaya” Executive Committee

▼ If you would like to participate, please fill in the following ① to ⑤ and email us.

① Parent’s name (Kanji / furigana)
② Participant’s name (Kanji / furigana)
③ Contact information (phone number / email address)
④ School to which you belong
⑤ Trouble

What is “Yoshimoto Enjoy Baseball”?

This is a project for children’s smiles. Total Ten Bosch will serve as the leader, and will develop baseball classes nationwide to create “triggers” and “awareness.”

The current population of elementary school baseball players is less than two-thirds of what it was ten years ago, and is steadily declining year by year. The background to this is thought to be the diversification of sports and entertainment, and the decrease in professional baseball broadcasts on terrestrial broadcasting, but on the other hand, long hours of practice based on the supremacy of victory and intimidating guidance that does not suit the times have lost confidence. There are many children who are not happy and quit at an early stage, or on the contrary, they are interested but have no chance to start in the surrounding environment.
Yoshimoto Enjoy Baseball is close to such children.
By chasing the ball with a longing professional baseball player and a comedian and receiving advice“I feel that baseball is fun”, “confidence in baseballWe will regain your health and cultivate a healthy mind and body that can do everything positively.
Through this project, we will propose a new way of sports that is different from the victorious supremacy in elementary school and junior high school.
By increasing the number of children who continue to play baseball, we hope to stop the decline in the baseball competition population and lead to the further development of the baseball world.

In the near future, “Yoshimoto Enjoy Baseball” will develop two patterns: “Academy type for children living in the metropolitan area / Business trip type for children living in rural areas”.
I would like to grow into a baseball project that represents the baseball world.





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