Cesc Fábregas leaves Monaco at the end of the season

Cesc Fábregas finishes his stage in Monaco after one of the more irregular seasons of his sporting career, in which injuries have not allowed him to enjoy football.

“It’s the worst year of my life, because when I’m not happy in football, I’m not happy in my life “, the player assured in an interview with ‘So Foot’. The Monaco footballer admits how difficult this season has been emotionally: “I have suffered a lot this year, and it has been mentally hard. You just have to be strong. But sometimes things happen for a reason, ”he added.

And Fàbregas is clear that he will not continue in the team next season. “It simply came to our notice then. My contract expires next June and I am looking for a new beginning. My head needs a fresh start somewhere else, ”he admitted.

He will not retire yet

The Monaco footballer has received offers to start a new stage as a coach and retire. But Fàbregas does not want to say goodbye to the pitch after a season to forget: «This year has been so bad I can’t finish it. Not after building this career. I want to keep playing. I’m grateful for the career I’ve had, but I don’t feel like it’s over. I just want to enjoy my football and continue to be competitive at a certain level, “he said.

He still does not know his next team, and so far it has not been considered in which league to compete. “I just want to enjoy it. After this year i just want to play and enjoy football. The place doesn’t really matter, it’s more about my head, ”he explained. “When I’m in shape I feel really good, when I train with my teammates I don’t feel anything different about my passion for the game. It’s about finding the right project and doing it. I will look for a new project and see where the future takes me“, Concluded the footballer.



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