Cedric Mullins and the possible MLB Catch of the Year

The Baltimore Orioles will not bring much joy this Major League Baseball season for their fans, the only exception is Cedric Mullinsthe team’s center fielder who has undoubtedly become the star of the organization.

Proof of this is that Mullins always finds something to delight us day after day, and this Monday he gave us an impressive catch that made everyone present at Oriole Park at Camden Yards stand up from their seats.

It was the second inning of the Kansas City Royals’ game against Baltimore, when Whit Merrifield’s lofted connection was about to hit into center field.

However, Cedric Mullins appeared from deep in the outfield to dive into the grass and catch the ball by fully extending his right arm. All this to the disbelief of his teammates and Merrifield himself, who was already tasting an unstoppable for his account.

Although we are only a month away from the start of the 2022 Major League Baseball season, we have no doubt that this throw qualifies as the catch of the year. A true defensive gem from the Orioles’ star.

Cedric Mullins: an Expert at Throwing in the Gardens

It’s no wonder Cedric Mullins gives us this kind of play. The Baltimore Orioles outfielder is one of the best in the Major Leagues at his position, and whenever he can, he pulls out a little magic with his glove to remind us of that.

Let’s remember 2020, when Mullins didn’t have the nerves to cover the mythical Yankee Stadium’s meadows and made an incredible play to the amazement of his opponents–as there were no fans in the stadiums that year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But if you were impressed with his ability to run forward, don’t swoon when you see what the outfielder did with this line from Jonathan Villar in the 2021 campaign. Just awesome.

And since good things come to those who wait, here is one of the best catches in the Major Leagues in recent years. We won’t say more, just give it a play and enjoy this work of art.

Undoubtedly one of the best defensive outfielders in MLB and is known for his spectacular catches.

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