Catalonia celebrates return to the field by thrashing Jamaica (6-0)

Catalonia-Jamaica was due to play at the end of March 2020, but had to be suspended due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Two years later, and with the pandemic at a very different stage, the two teams have finally been able to see their faces on the Montilivi lawn. A match in which the quadribarrada was clearly superior and scored by 6 to 0.

It was the first match of the Catalan team since before the covid. “It is fortunate that we have been able to maintain the contract and play this match against a team that competes, such as Jamaica,” said coach Gerard López in the previous one. In reality, however, the game had only one dominator, as shown in the first play, in which the Jamaican defense made a childish mistake and gave a ball to Deulofeu, who opened the scoring in the 2nd minute. .

Deulofeu, with a hat trick, has been the main protagonist of a game in which, despite the return of the team, some of the reference players were missing. Especially the Barça players: Sergi Roberto and Piqué, due to injury, and Busquets and Jordi Alba because they were in Sydney with the Barça expedition.

With 6,124 spectators in the stands, the game came to a break with 4-0, thanks to three goals from Deulofeu and the goal from Marc Bartra, who acted as captain. In the second half, Ferran Jutglà and Javi Puado finished fifth and sixth, respectively.



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