Bourges dominates Asvel for a second time and gets closer to a fifteenth title of champion of France

The march was still too high for the female Asvel, beaten at the Prado de Bourges on Tuesday evening for the second round of the women’s league final (78-62). Here is the team of President Tony Parker led 2-0, and while the series will continue on the side of Lyon on Saturday, the daughters of Pierre Vincent will have no choice: a new defeat would offer the title to Berruyères.

The first twenty minutes of this second confrontation suggested that the adjustments imagined by the visitors would offer a more balanced game. In cruel lack of success at three points (0/9 at the break), Marine Johannès (7 points) and hers remained in the game by relying on their interior Kayla Alexander, impeccable in the first two quarters (17 points 7 out of 7 shooting, 2 blocks).

5 %

Asvel finished the game with a tiny 5% three-point success: 1 out of 20!

By finding a much more stable defensive base, while freeing up offensively (26-16 in the 3rd quarter), Bourges then frankly accelerated after the break. While Alexander was perfectly contained (only 2 points after halftime), Iliana Rupert admired her versatility, alternating between three-point shots and mid-distance shots (16 points to 6 of 14 shooting, 7 rebounds).

Under the ovations of an audience which ended the evening on a ola, Olivier Lafargue’s protégés bent the meeting quite easily. The Eurocup champions took advantage of these first two duels to show that in this final, the two teams involved are not fighting on equal terms.



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