Borussia Mönchengladbach: Gladbach’s sporting legacy from Max Eberl – Bundesliga

Since the relegation in 2011, sports director Max Eberl (48), who resigned in January, had formed Gladbach into a top team in the league.

Eberl’s favorite saying: “We want sustainability in oneness.”

It worked – since 2011, Borussia has achieved this level in the table ten times in a row. A great result that only Bayern and BVB could achieve during this period.

Last goal of the season: Gladbach is fighting for the Eberl legacy!

Under Adi Hütter (52), a place in the first half of the table threatened to be unattainable for a long time, instead there was even a real relegation alarm. After the 3-1 win against Leipzig, Borussia jumped to 10th place – and is only one point away from ninth Mainz.

The TV charcoal is another argument for ninth place. Background: If Borussia really comes in ninth in the end, the club will definitely secure 5th place in the five-year ranking, which is so important for TV charcoal. Gladbach should be in the last two If games fall back to 13th place (which is quite possible!), there is also a risk of falling to 9th place in the TV table – which would mean more than five million euros less TV money.

But it shouldn’t come to that!

Plain text from Jonas Hofmann (29): “We could have done a lot more this season, we are not satisfied with our performance for large parts of the season. If we played like we did against Leipzig more often, we’d have a few more points.”

And Yann Sommer (33) adds: “The win against Leipzig was important for morale. We want to improve our season in the last two games. Now we want to do everything we can to go into the break feeling better than we did a few weeks ago.”

A one-digit place in the table would certainly ensure this feeling…



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