Boris Becker: cramped cell causes concern

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Created: 05/16/2022, 11:10 am

Von: Patrick Freiwah


In March, Boris Becker was still at large – the tennis icon may already have known what to expect. © IMAGO/Adam Davy

Is Boris Becker confusing his prison sentence with a hotel stay? There is apparently a big problem that worries the German tennis legend.

London – Boris Becker doesn’t have it easy. After his triumphs on the tennis court, he became Germany’s favorite sport, after which he (also) made a name for himself with his love life and was a welcome guest in various TV formats. The knack for handling money properly has fallen by the wayside – the fallen tennis icon has to serve a sentence in a London prison due to delaying bankruptcy.

Although the 54-year-old should lead a rather secluded existence in Wandsworth prison, it has Bild supposedly managed to get details about his everyday life. Accordingly, Becker suffers from claustrophobia in his cell when the door is closed. This is not always the case, but sounds plausible in the case of a “prison sentence”. Some guards would accommodate him and leave the door open, others would not. In any case, the door is closed at night – and recordings of a cell in Wandsworth do indeed show cramped rooms with little freedom of movement.

Boris Becker in prison: cramped cell worries tennis icon

A prison employee tells the portal: “After Becker kept pressing his head without a real emergency, he was warned that the switch was not the hotel room service.” What also increased the claustrophobia: recently the six-time Grand Slam tournament winner has a roommate with whom he shares a prison cell. In view of the bad weather, a tour of the courtyard was canceled.

Apart from that, Becker is said to have fallen out of favor with some fellow inmates – partly because you are only allowed to shower twice a week:

Boris Becker free again after 15 months? Detention but no candy ban

According to reports, Boris Becker also seems to have positive moments during his stay in prison (according to the verdict, two and a half years, half on probation): Germany’s fallen sports star should at least be able to enjoy sweets and drinks if he can order them from the kiosk. However, he may do this loudly Bild did not pick it up himself, but apparently had it delivered to the cell. (PF)



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