Board values ​​the victories of Teruel and Motero in badminton as “an accolade” to Ceeda de Huelva


The recent success of Cristina Teruel, 16 years old, in the absolute women’s badminton championship held in Madrid last weekend has been valued by the Board as a “back” to the work carried out jointly by the Andalusian Badminton Federation and the Ministry of Education and Sports in its Andalusian Educational Center of Sports Excellence program (Ceeda), which combines academic studies and high-level intensive training.

As indicated by the Board in a press release, the delegate for Education and Sports, Estela Villalba, has attended the Palacio de Deportes de Huelva to congratulate the brand-new champion in person, who has already received the 2022 Andalusia Sports Award in 2021 , for his academic record with an average grade in ESO close to 10 (9.9); and she has been pleased that she has been able to reconcile her academic performance, achieving a sporting achievement of this caliber.

Thus, Villalba has congratulated her for “becoming a benchmark so soon, for symbolizing that sport and education must go together, because the values ​​of sport have much to contribute to young people”, since he has thanked “technicians, coaches and athletes present for helping the Ceeda project”.

He also took the opportunity to congratulate the double para badminton champion Francisco Motero who, also this weekend, won the absolute championship, both in individual and doubles.

In this regard, both athletes are part of the group that trains at the Andalusian Modernization Center run by the Andalusian Badminton Federation.

Thus, fourteen high-performance athletes from the badminton and mountaineering-climbing modalities have been able to combine studies and training with the highest sports aspirations during this school year at the IES Alto Conquero in the capital, where the Ceeda is located.

The Educational Center of Sports Excellence of Andalusia (Ceeda) is a project that is constituted in a Public Center dependent on the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, with the aim of facilitating the compatibility of Baccalaureate and Training teachings. Professional with the training of high-performance Andalusian athletes.

This initiative, a pioneer at the national level, aims to open a future line with the university stage to guide the academic and sports performance of athletes during their sports life, with the aim of retaining Andalusian talent in our community and helping these athletes to achieve the highest achievements in both athletic and academic performance.

The program, which this season has already begun to obtain important sporting achievements in addition to that of Cristina Teruel, will include the Archery modality for the next Course 2022/23.

The implementation of the project in our province has been based on the axis formed by the facilities of the Sports City, the Sports Palace, the availability of accommodation in the Inturjoven Hostel and the educational offer of the IES Alto Conquero. All these facilities are located within a radius of just one kilometer, making this institute the Center of Excellence and the epicenter of the project.

IES Alto Conquero already has specific faculty to support athletes who, in coordination with the sports federations, provide tutoring in order to provide them with both the academic and personal support they require during the academic year.

Athletes also have the advice and monitoring of professionals from the Andalusian Center for Sports Medicine, which has its offices located in the Huelva Sports City Complex itself and provides all the assistance and monitoring services available that control requires. participant’s doctor.



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