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Fano 12/05/2022
– The Fano Baseball 94, literally battered by the double challenge on the diamond of Conclima Frigomeccanica Ravenna, ran into a black day. Already a match remodeled for this away match in the fourth round of the Serie B championship, the Fano team found itself further decimated due to three injuries.

Several elements of the line-up led by Rumardo Rodriguez and Rodolfo Furiassi, this year more than ever in the name of the green line, were thus forced to reinvent themselves by covering two roles to cope with the emergency. With such premises it was difficult to think that the result could be unscathed from the direct clash with the Ravenna players, who were able to take advantage of the situation by prevailing 11-1 in the morning match and 12-4 in the second scheduled match. In any case, the boys of president Antonio Vallieri tried to make life hard for the hosts, an aspect that encourages in the future.

In the environment there is awareness of the fact that their growth also passes from moments of difficulty like this, with the hope, however, that those who have been injured will return soon and that along the path of this very young group no other serious unexpected events arise. . Meanwhile, the ranking inevitably also suffers: Padule 7-1, Fiorentina 6-2, Fovea Embers 4-1, Cupra 5-3, Conclima Frigomeccanica Ravenna 3-4, Le Pantere Potenza Picena 1-4, Junior Rimini Pirati 1 -6, Fano Baseball 1-7. Next engagement for the Orange Seagulls of Fano on Sunday 15 May in Potenza Picena, in the lair of the Panthers from Potenza.



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