Bilqis beat Akane Yamaguchi, Indonesia 1-0 Japan in Uber Cup

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Bilqis Prasista make a surprise by beating the world number one badminton, Akane Yamaguchi to make Indonesia 1-0 up against Japan in the group stage Uber Cup 2022.

Bilqis won over Akane through a two-game game with a score of 21-19, 21-19 at the Impact Arena, Bangkok, Wednesday (11/5).

Bilqis, who is far adrift in terms of ranking from Akane, appears confident. The 18-year-old badminton player was even able to lead 6-3 from Akane at the beginning of the first game.

But Akane was able to control the situation. Good ball placement was able to bring Akane to gain point by point to turn 9-7 ahead.

Bilqis had won two points but Akane was able to close the first game interval with 11-9.

The pair’s second point acquisition runs tight after the interval. Bilqis was able to make it difficult for Akane with good ball placement despite often being left behind.

The slick game shown made Bilqis equalize to 17-17. The wind of victory then turned to Bilqis who closed the first game with 21-19.

Akane looks different in the second game. The world’s number one female badminton player showed an aggressive game that made Bilqis often die of lice.

Akane was able to lead away 8-2 over Bilqis. The situation did not change much and Akane was able to close the first game interval with an 11-6 advantage.

Bilqis could bounce back after the interval. Bilqis continued to gain points so that they could equalize to 14-14 against Akane.

Akane could win again but Bilqis did not give up. As a result Bilqis was able to win important points to make the position turned 18-17.

Akane had equalized to 18-18 but Bilqis was able to snatch two points to reach match point. Bilqis then closed the second game with 21-19 to bring Indonesia 1-0 ahead of Japan.

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