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The BetPlay League 2022 – I entered the definition stage. The places for the finals of the contest are almost defined, with the exception of two places, which have an owner, but a series of results can take them out of that place, to make room for the clubs that are outside the eight, hoping to achieve their result and a series of combinations, to get into the dispute of the first title of the year.

From first to sixth place in the table, they will be judges of the others or simply, they will play to fulfill and continue climbing, taking into account that the qualifying place, in an eventual tie, will be decisive to define a passage to the final.

Oil Alliance

He is seventh with 29 units and goal difference of +3, he will qualify if he wins or draws against Millonarios. If he loses in Bogotá, he will need Santa Fe not to beat Once Caldas in Manizales and Bucaramanga not to win and not beat him in goal difference. Just like Equity falls against Nacional. If two of these three results occur in the aforementioned games, they will advance.


It is located in the eighth box with 27 units and +4 in the goal difference. Winning ensures in the classifieds. If they draw, they will need Santa Fe not to beat Once Caldas or Bucaramanga against Pereira. A defeat will leave them out.

Santa Fe

It is the first of those out of eight. Ninth with 26 units and three goal difference in favor. They will qualify by beating Once Caldas, provided that Equidad draws or loses against Nacional in Bogotá or that Alianza falls in El Campín against Millonarios.

The tie could serve, but it will depend on a defeat of Equity against Nacional, tie or defeat of Bucaramanga against Pereira. A defeat will leave him eliminated.


Tenth in the standings, 26 points, the same as Santa Fe, but with a goal difference of -1. He will qualify for home runs, winning yes or yes, in addition, waiting for a fall or equality of Equity against Nacional and Santa Fe against Once Caldas. If Alianza falls in Bogotá, the difference goal will come into play.

Once Caldas

The albos are eleventh with 25 units and zero in goal difference. They must beat Santa Fe, that Equidad lose, draw or defeat Bucaramanga. Another result removes them.



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