Beer at 18 dollars and salads at 16: the crazy prices of the PGA

Stay nourished and hydrated during the PGA Championship which takes place from this Thursday to Sunday at the Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) will not be activities suitable for all budgets. The points of sale scattered along the route have gone a little out of hand with prices, to the point that several media outlets and even some players have commented on the matter.

“18 dollars (!!!!) for a beer… You have to treat the fans better,” he wrote on his Twitter account. Justin Thomas linking to an article Golfweek. You have read well. 18 dollars (just over 17 euros) is what a can of Michelob Ultra will cost. Of 25 ounces (or.73 liters) it must be said in disclaimer, although it is still shocking. 19 costs the Stella Artois or a cocktail. Among non-alcoholic beverages, a small bottle of water is six dollars (5.72 euros) and a Gatorade, seven (6.68).

In similar parameters the food options move. A Caesar salad reaches 16 dollars (15.26 euros); a hot dog, eight (7.63); a meat hamburger, 14 (13.35) and one with synthetic meat, 15 (14.31). A small bag of chips goes for three dollars (2.8). Opinions about it are mixed. As always there are those who see the bad side and the good side. “It’s a good thing he doesn’t drink much,” Keith Coleman, a Tulsa aficionado, tells Golfweek. “It’s just one day and I can eat my salad watching Tiger Woods,” Samantha Ripken tells the same outlet. It’s a matter of points of view.



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