BBL: Play-offs: Hamburg Towers lose in 98:100 in Bonn – basketball

The Bonn fans twirled their towels and celebrated. The Towers stood on the floor and got in the mood for Sunday.

In a nerve-racking thriller, Hamburg’s basketball players lost the first play-off quarterfinals (best-of-5) at Telekom Baskets Bonn after extra time with 98:100 (42:41, 91:91).

A crazy three by Bonn’s Javontae Hawkins from around 9 meters (!) a second before the end made the difference in the duel between two teams on an equal footing…

“Both teams played an incredible game,” croaked Towers coach Pedro Calles. “I’m happy? No! Can I blame my players? No!”

The Towers got off to a better start in front of 6000 raging fans, showed themselves calm against the second in the main round and unimpressed by the fuss about their coach’s farewell.

They could not stop the best offensive in the league. Especially as league MVP Parker Jackson-Cartwright scored 36 points after returning from his father’s funeral in the United States. But because the Towers pillars Jaylon Brown (27 points), Maik Kotsar (21) and Caleb Homesley (20) also delivered, it was a tight box.

The only drawback: early foul problems and 23 ball losses, especially from Homesley.

Nevertheless, the Ami didn’t let himself be pulled down: “It depended on the last throw, it went in. We have to live with that. We gave ourselves a chance. And nobody expected it to be so close. But it’s just a defeat. It’s going to be a long streak.”

Game two takes place again on the Hardtberg on Sunday (3 p.m., Magenta Sport)

Calles to Oldenburg?

► Surprising turn in the change game for Calles. Instead of being in the Spanish top league ACB, according to “Magenta Sport” he should now suddenly be a top candidate for the post in the BBL disappointment Oldenburg…



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