Basketball player Golden State and Milwaukee celebrated on the platoon of the company finle vhry

Golden State’s Klay Thompson is battling Memphis.

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At the same time, the Warriors had to finish the whole second half without the support of Draymond Green, who was eliminated in the first half of the sweat, which hit Brandon Clark in the back of the defensive step and then ripped him behind the jersey. At the last moment, he tried to slow down the soup hard ground, but the court, after checking the video, decided that it was a foul.

We were determined to be a shoemaker, but we were determined to make it easy for Draymond, too, coach Steve Kerr said, his girls were in the dark, and they were ten points behind the last quarter.

Memphis taen Ja Morantem and his 34 points and 10 assists turned around and led in the dark until the last minute. Just 36 seconds before the end, Thompson showed his biggest weapon, who sent the guests back into the lead with a three of a kind, and the Golden State resisted, when Morant did not change the two lights this time.

At first, he was defeated by Stephen Curry, who scored 24 points. The star of Golden State, however, was Jordan Poole, who scored 31 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists. We pointed to a DNA amp. This is a big win for us, Curry rejoiced.

Boston dropped in the playoffs for the first time. Against Milwaukee, it failed in the flow, when it met only 33 percent, which was the least for the Celts in the seasons, and had 18 losses. The result was only 89 points. They did not tie us to the cows and forced us to stele, which we did not give. We didn’t make a good decision, said Boston coach Ime Udoka.

The fact that we tormented and tried to double the Adetokunba soup did not help Boston either. Although he turned only 9 of his 25 steels, he found a great free play and Milwaukee looked for a victory without any problems. We tainted the time, but it’s even better that we shot ourselves so badly today, Udoka added.

Jrue Holiday from Bucks was the best scooter with 25 points. Bobby Portis scored 15 points and 11 rebounds. Jayson Tatum scored 21 points for Boston. No one else gave more than 12 points.

Play off basketbalov NBA

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Conference dropout – 1st route:
Memphis – Golden State 116:117

Entrance conference – 1st way:
Boston – Milwaukee 89:101




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