Basketball in Benin: Seriously injured, Donadei Houessou is doing without being insured but…

More fear than harm. Reassuring news from Donadei Houessou from the city of Kobourou. Seriously injured, the young Bosco-Star player, Donadei Houessou was finally operated on a few days later, as announced by Mega Sports. The new, Donadei Houessou did well. His, who had to rely on his family to get through the operation. Indeed, without insurance, the surgery was a success. From the prosecutor’s office to the infirmary without insurance, the young player still has to pass a more difficult stage.

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The surgical intervention stage was a success with a reassuring radio verification. However, Donadei Houessou is still momentarily deprived of his members of locomotion allowing him not only to support himself but also to move from one place to another by walking and even to exercise and then live his passion.. The member of Bosco Star, Donadei Houessou will have to go through a tough stage. That of rehabilitation. Donadei still has to apply himself to fully restore his lower limbs to life. He mustindeed, learn to walk again, relearn to run and relearn old habits to his lower limbs.

Results therefore of the scenario of a serious accident which occurred during the meeting which opposed his club Bosco Star to Real Sport on Saturday 14 May 2022 at the CAS of Parakou. Donadei Houessou had been the victim of a big fault. A gross fault that led him to carebut late.

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