Basketball: Hamburg Towers 88:95 against Bonn – the end in the quarterfinals – basketball

The guys from Bonn did the humba with their fans. The Hamburger shuffled into the cabin. At 8:26 p.m. the third season for the Towers in the basketball Bundesliga was over. In the third play-off quarter-final they suffered their third defeat – 88:95 (54:48). That’s it…

“I’m extremely proud,” said outgoing coach Pedro Calles. “Sometimes you have to accept that your opponent was better. It’s been a good season. You can’t forget where the club was two years ago.”

Back then, Corona saved the towers from falling. Calles then led them to the play-offs in BBL and EuroCup. But it didn’t work out with the first win.

As in the first two games, the Towers were at eye level and even led by up to 12 points! “It doesn’t feel like we’ve been swept 3-0,” sighed national player Justus Hollatz. “We were close to winning in every game. Unfortunately, two or three minutes were always decisive in the end.”

Inselpark was sold out for the first time since February 2020. The 3400 fans let their ears ring. But in the end it was the smallest who threw her out: League MVP Parker Jackson-Cartwright (26). The 1.80-meter man turned up in the last quarter, dismantled the towers single-handedly (31 points). Hollatz full of praise: “PJC showed today – and throughout the series – that he deservedly received the MVP award. Respect and congratulations to the entire Bonn team.”

“It was an incredible promotion for basketball”; said guest coach Tuomas Iisalo. “Every game could have ended differently.”

The best hamburger was Jaylon Brown (21 points). “I’m pretty proud of the boys,” said the Ami.

Just like boss Marvin Willoughby: “I can’t blame the team. The key point in the series was that we didn’t win the first game.”

The Towers are now facing a fresh start. The dogged Calles has not extended his contract after two years and prefers to go to Oldenburg. His era remains unfinished.

The stars Caleb Homesley (25/USA) and Maik Kotsar (25/Estonia) are also moving on. It is extremely unlikely that homegrown Hollatz will stay (BILD reported). The national player reported for the NBA draft. And otherwise Alba and Bayern are interested.

To make matters worse, main sponsor VTG is also about to withdraw…



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