Basketball / Elan Béarnais: Greg Heuss avoids angry subjects

Precise questions and rather vague answers when it came to explaining the probable hole…

Precise questions and rather vague answers when it came to explaining the probable hole of around 2 million euros which could seriously cloud the sustainability of the club at the end of the financial year if money inflows are not made. rapidly.

Greg Heuss, on the other hand, confirms that Taqwa Pinero, “the eyes and ears of CSG”, will indeed be the general manager of the club, replacing Tom Huston who has resigned. A provisional choice while waiting for the club to unearth – recruitment is in progress – a French general manager for the long term from the next off-season, who, whatever happens on the ground this next week, is not announced. not all rest.

Is the resignation of Tom Huston the sign that he has not fulfilled his missions, in particular those related to marketing revenues?

“Tom has resigned from his position, as we said at the start of the season. He was the temporary GM and now we are making a change. We continue to make changes within the club around the restructuring needs we identified when we took over the club last year. »

Why the choice of Taqwa Pinero to replace him temporarily?

“Taqwa knows the club well since he was a player, and he is now part of the staff. He knows the community, he has connections in the region as well as in Europe and the United States. He has our full confidence because he played a major role from the very beginning. It was he who introduced us to the club, he knows it and understands it very well. He is the eyes and ears of CSG. »

Do you confirm the cash flow problem revealed in our newspaper this Wednesday?

“It is our policy not to comment on internal club matters, including financial information. »

What can you say to ease the growing concern about financial problems?

“We are working on this season and have made adjustments throughout it. We experienced technical issues with French and US banks and money transfers, which unfortunately caused players to be paid out late. This issue has been resolved and players have been paid. »

Will CSG quickly inject money to bail out the club’s coffers?

“We do not comment on internal club or CSG matters. »

Who will take care of the “Climate Park” now that Tom Huston has resigned?

“The Climatic Park” is still in the planning phase and we have a team working on it now. We continue to meet with partners regarding all aspects of the project. »

What will the club’s budget be next season? With what ambitions?

“We are currently working on the budget for next season and we will meet the LNB in ​​the coming weeks. »

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Basketball / Elan Béarnais: the boat pitches dangerously

If the defeat experienced this Tuesday at the Palace against Boulogne (71-86) does not hinder a qualification for the playoffs, behind the scenes, on the other hand, the ship is living through very turbulent hours with the resignation of DG Tom Huston, replaced temporarily by Taqwa Pinero, and the update of a deficit which could flirt with two million euros at the end of the season.



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