Basketball, Cantù flies to the semifinals

L’San Bernardo water takes advantage of the first match point, conquers the PalaCattani of Faenza and thus grabs his third victory in the series against Ravenna, eliminating it with a 3 to 0 as sought after as deserved. Game of great authority and solidity for the biancoblù, who with this success access the very final of the Serie A2 Silver Scoreboard where they will challenge the winner of the other semifinal between Scafati and Assigeco Piacenza, who will go to Race 4 (2-1).

Ravenna-Cantù, the race

Quintets confirmed by both sides: Cantù, therefore, on the field at the two-ball with Bucarelli, Allen, Severini, Da Ros and Bayehe; guests respond with Tilghman, Denegri, Cinciarini, Sullivan and Simioni.

Excellent start for the hosts, six points ahead just over two minutes from the start; immediately a triple of the only ex present on the parquet, namely Simioni. Two turns of hands later we remain stuck on the initial 8-2 and coach Sodini chooses to stop the game by spending his first time out of the match. The technician from Viareggio tries to shuffle the cards on the table and, with Bryant, he soon manages to close the gap. However, the start of the premises is certainly more perky, with Denegri authoring the triple of the new Romagna extension attempt. Bryant and Bayehe again, a moment later, overturn the situation, finding the first Canturian advantage. 13-14 at 10 ‘.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the Ravenna players come back with a triple from Berdini. A great defense from Stefanelli forces the Giallorossi to two consecutive turnovers, the Brianza area benefits from this and, with Stefanelli himself, merit their new advantage. 18-19 to 14 ‘. A dunk by Nikolic on the counterattack induces coach Lotesoriere to stop the game; Cantù ahead of a full possession. At the resumption of the game the substance changes very little because the Canturini continue to defend at very high levels, forcing the Romagna to commit one lost ball after another. 18-25, maximum guest advantage. A minute from the end of the first half, dragged by a Tilghman in great shape, the hosts manage to hook the Acqua S.Bernardo and find the momentary equality; 29 equal to less than twenty seconds from the interval. At the sound of the siren a powerful dunk by Bryant allows the biancoblù to return to the locker room ahead of the score. 29-31 at 20 ‘.

Cantù starts immediately on the right foot: after a first half a little off, but above all conditioned by fouls, Allen roars making his second and his third basket in the match; five consecutive points that launch the S.Bernardo ahead of three possessions. Cinciarini, as a true veteran, mends the tear with an important triple. Cinciarini again to lead the OraSì, which in the meantime comes back up in the score. 39-44 at 28 ‘. Cinciarini, always him: the captain of the house takes the chair by placing the points of -3 on the scoreboard. Nikolic’s contribution is felt from the bench and the Brianza area starts to stretch again. The third portion of the game ends 43-48.

In the fourth and final period the hosts bring out all their pride, returning to gnaw waste points from Cantù. At this point, the defense of Captain Da Ros rises in tone, author of a block that undoubtedly gives oxygen to S.Bernardo. Cinciarini, however, is the soul of Ravenna and the Romagnoli find the -2 (50-52) thanks to a triple from the expert shooter in jersey number five. The locals also have the strength to find the tie with a 2/2 from the line by Berdini, first, and then the advantage thanks to a central triple by Tilghman, which sets the PalaCattani of Faenza on fire. In the most excited moment of the match it is Allen who takes control of the Canturino attack, hitting a tie. 55-55 just under 2 ‘from the conclusion. Stefanelli has three times the advantage in his hands but iron is Cantù’s enemy; he is instead a friend of OraSì, who savors the advantage thanks also to a bit of luck with an apparently short triple. Sodini time out. At the resumption of the game the biancoblù cling to Allen, taking to -1. This time it is Ravenna that spends time out. Tense last moments of the game. Two unsportsmanlike, one on each side. The free lottery rewards Cusin who, on two attempts, a free player scores; contrary to what happened to Cinciarini, that he misses both free players. The finish is excited but a wonderful Cantù comes out. It’s final! It ends 59 to 58 for S.Bernardo (

Ravenna-Cantù, the match report

OraSì Ravenna-Acqua S.Bernardo Cantù 58-59 (13-14, 16-17; 14-17, 15-11)

Ravenna: Tilghman 17, Berdini 9, Martini 13, Cinciarini, Gazzotti, Arnaldo, Denegri 6, Sullivan 7, Ciadini ne, Simioni 6, Benetti. All. Lotesoriere

Cantù: Stefanelli 3, Bryant 8, Vitali 5, Nikolic 8, Borsani ne, Da Ros 4, Bucarelli 4, Cusin 4, Bayehe 10, Allen 13, Severini, Tarallo in All. Sodini

Referees: Ursi, Bartoli and Miniati.


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