Barcelona convenes an extraordinary assembly to activate the economic levers

The FC Barcelona Board of Directors has convened the partners and compromising partners to a extraordinary assembly on June 16 to activate the so-called ‘economic levers’, with which to recover the lost dust. The members must authorize to the board the sale to one or more investors of 49.9% of the Barça Licensing & Merchandising (BLM) and a maximum of 25% of television rights in the coming years.

The appointment with the partners will be online on Thursday at 6.30 pm from the 1899 Auditorium. In the vote on the company that carries out the sale of merchandise, the most advanced economic action in negotiations, sale of 49.9% of management.

With regard to television rights, members will be required to authorize the transfer to one or more investors of up to 25% of the revenue for the exploitation of the television rights corresponding to the League. It could be with CVCLa Tiga’s ally of Javier Tebas, or with some other company.

At the same time, the board of directors has approved the recovery of Barça Athletic’s name for the Barça subsidiary instead of Barça B so far.



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