ball – Women’s League 2. Increased budget for Champagne Basket Féminin

This Thursday, May 12, during a press conference organized in the premises of the restaurant “Les 3 Brasseurs” in Reims, Philippe Sauret outlined the main lines of the 2022-2023 season. The president of Champagne Basket Féminin did so in the company of Aurélie Lopez, the new coach of Les Pétillantes, and Grégoire Lefebvre, general manager of Champagne Basket.

From 700,000 to 800,000 euros

Philippe Sauret recalled the ambition, in the more or less long term, to see the CBF access the Women’s League and to begin this ascent, the club will record an increased budget for the coming year. It will go from 700,000 to 800,000 euros. An increase made possible in particular by the pooling started in September 2020 of the feminine and masculine entities of Champagne Basket. “The objective, within two years, is to bring it to one million euros”, adds Philippe Sauret.

Creation of a “Basketball House”

Another project under discussion, still within the framework of this pooling of the strengths of the skills of the two clubs, is the creation in the years to come of a “Basketball House”. She would be “a common training center for girls and boys. This is one of the pillars of the overall project,” supports Grégoire Lefebvre. Something to delight Aurélie Lopez, seduced by the project and “very happy to be back in Reims”.

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