Ball – Comeback: Comfortable victory for Urriza-Zubiri (30-17) and a hurry for Segurola-Azpiroz (29-30)

Ezkurra II has been one goal away from victory in Galarreta. / michelena

The forward from Aizarnazabal and the defender from Uitzi, ahead 20-28 and 24-29, saw how Ezkurra II and Zaldua caught up with them at 29-29

Joseba Lezeta

The two matches of the fourth day of the Sagardoaren txapelketa de remonte had few elements in common this Monday in Galarreta. Urriza and Zubiri (Larre Gain) have added an incontestable victory by 30-17 against Aldabe and Larrañaga (Gurutzeta). Instead, Segurola and Azpiroz (Petritegi), who promised them happiness after reaching the final straight with comfortable leads of 20-28 and 24-29, suffered until the last pitch to beat Ezkurra II and Zaldua 29-30 ( Gurutzeta). After these results, Goikoetxea V and Barrenetxea IV, who rested this time, retain the lead with a short lead of one point over the two winning pairs this Monday.

The emotion has invaded the field of the Hernaniarra long fronton in the final stages of the second match. Josetxo Ezkurra was heartless and failed in the first two tens, Segurola and Azpiroz were at ease for many minutes. Uitzi’s defender dominated and Aizarnazabal’s striker solved, above all thanks to two well-executed walls. He maintained the Zaldua type, but with little collaboration from his partner.

The panorama has changed when Ezkurra II has straightened the course, at the same time that Segurola has gone out of the lane, to the point that the nerves have taken a toll on their game. The formidable defense of Azpiroz, the best of the four, was no longer enough to advance the scoreboard and reach a 30 that seemed to have been achieved with the advantage of eight goals at 20-28 and five at 24-29. The red reaction has put the 29-29 in the electronic. The last goal was a toss-up in which Zaldua was unable to take a shot from Segurola to a good start, closing a confrontation that ended after 61 minutes.

A half throttle Urriza has resolved the first meeting with firmness and comfort, confirmation of the status of bottom of Aldabe and Larrañaga, who do not quite work as a couple. Three losses in three games. Not even the scores have allowed them to score a point in any of them.

Supported by the good work and control of the game by his striker, Zubiri has been confident. He has barely missed the ball for Goizueta.

After three Mondays with free access to the festivals, Oriamendi has charged five euros for admission, a price that he will maintain during the league. In the semifinals and final it will cost ten.


1. Goikoetxea V-Barrenetxea IV, 9 points.

2. Urriza-Zubiri, 8 points.

3. Segurola-Azpiroz, 8 points.

4. Ansa II-Juannenea, 6 points.

5. Acorn II-Knight, 6 points.

6. Aldabe-Larrañaga, 0 points.



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