Bad Aibling – young judoka successful at the Upper Bavarian Judo Championship of the U15 in Sachsenkam

Anamaria Budiu (left) with the Aiblinger junior judoka.

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Bad Aibling – The Bad Aibling judoka were successful at the Upper Bavarian U15 championship.

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At the Upper Bavarian Championship of the U15 that took place in Sachsenkam six judoka from TUS Bad Aibling at the start. Severin Haberl took 9th place in the weight class up to 43 kg. In three fights he managed a victory, which faced two defeats. His club mate Maxi Osterloher achieved the same result in the category up to 46 kg, but took 5th place.

Jan Drexler started in the limit up to 50 kg, he fought four times. In one defeat, he was able to assert himself against his opponents three times and took a strong 3rd place, which was rewarded with the bronze medal. Lovis Tomschiczek fought in the same category. He was twice defeated in a win.

Stefan Holzmaier achieved the best placement of the Aiblinger TUS judoka. He was Upper Bavarian Vice Champion in the weight class up to 60 kg. He won twice and lost only once in overtime (Golden Score) due to a penalty. The heaviest of the Aiblinger judoka was Martin Schlag, who finished third in the weight class up to 66 kg.

Trainer Anamaria Budiu, supported by “Junior-Cotrainer” Maxim Weisser, was satisfied with the performance and said after the tournament: “We started with six athletes and four of them qualified for the South Bavarian Championship – we are very happy about that. “

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