Atlético de Rafaela drew against Miter in Santiago del Estero

La Crema escaped at the end.
(Photo: Prensa AR)

For a new date of the First National Tournament, Miter from Santiago del Estero and Atlético de Rafaela tied 2-2. Bieler, from penalty and Lencina for La Crema, Rosales and Vadalá for the locals.

One minute into the game, a free kick for Mitre, Rosales’s shot went straight on goal and Julio Salvá blocked the ball and prevented the fence from falling.

At 13 minutes, Galetto could not with Juárez’s mark that leaked from the right, the midfielder threw the center back and Santiago Rosales entered to execute Salvá in front, goal, 1-0 up the team from Santiago.

Atlético tried to play the ball, to make it circulate around the wide field of play of the imposing “Mother of Cities” stadium and little by little began to approach Miter’s goal. Bieler received the ball from behind and unloaded for Lencina who entered between two defenders who lowered the Cordovan striker and Franklin sanctioned the clear penalty for the light blue team.

A minute later, Claudio Bieler changed the penalty for a goal, 1-1, the partial score between people from Santiago and Rafael.

Close to 23 minutes, a play was born from the left, a past center, Facundo Nadalín came from the right and shot a low center on the edge of the small area and Gonzalo Lencina pushed it to decree the 2-1 in favor of La Crema. In just a burst of minutes, Ezequiel Medrán’s team turned history in their favor.

From that moment, Miter recovered the ball, went forward on the field of play, but without overwhelming Atlético, he gained ground and with some set pieces he was close to achieving a draw. The people from Santiago also found the solidity of Salvá in the light blue goal and he was key to maintaining the advantage in the result.

The complement

At the beginning of the second half, Miter was very quick to find the equalizer and Romero missed an impossible goal, Salvá was defeated, but La Crema was saved.

At 12′, a very strong foul by Facundo Nadalín left his leg up and referee Adrián Franklin sent off the former Newell’s player.

With one player less, Atlético strongly withdrew two lines of four and received constant attacks from their rival. On both wings, Miter tried to break the sky-blue defense, but when he was able to do so, he also encountered a great afternoon by Julio César Salvá.

The changes began and Medrán sent Emiliano Romero, Franco Faría and Kevin Jappert to the field, who officially debuted with the La Crema shirt in the First National. To give more firmness to the defensive sector, Atlético continued to resist all of Mitre’s attacks. Totally exhausted by the great effort and even Facundo Soloa was one of the changes because “El Colo” was a determining figure for the “sacrifice” in each disputed ball.

But so much going to look for the tie, a cross came from the right, the ball was half cleared and the recently admitted Guido Vadalá took a shot to the far post above, impossible for Salvá’s stretch and great goal for Mitre. It was the tie for the locals 2 to 2.

In the last minutes, already with a lot of space on both sides, it could have been for anyone, they kept looking and the best was for Atlético, a good play by Gino Albertengo, he enabled Luna who came from the left, took his shot but the ball hit the back of the net. It could have been the victory but it ended up being a 2-2 draw.

Some improvements, the point as a visitor and the high performance of players who have already shown it in previous games. The next rival will be Sacachispas, on Sunday from 19 in the Alberdi neighborhood.

17th Date – First National
Mitre 2 2 Rafaela Atletico
Goals: 13′ Santiago Rosales (M), 20′ Claudio Bieler -p- (AR), 23′ Gonzalo Lencina (AR) and ST: 40′ Guido Vadala (M)


Mitre: Roberto Ledesma; Cristian Díaz, Ariel Coronel, Rodrigo Tapia and Lucas Landa; Leandro Fioravanti, Juan Alesandroni, Santiago Rosales and Facundo Juárez; Daniel Gonzalez and Nelson David Romero. DT: Pablo Javier Ricchetti

Rafaela Atletico: Julius Salva; Facundo Nadalin, Matthew Castellano, Jonathan Fleita and Juan Galetto; Ayrton Portillo, Facundo Soloa, Gonzalo Alassia and Guillermo Funes; Claudio Bieler and Gonzalo Lencina. DT: Ezekiel Medran.



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