Atalaya forced the third game

Provincial fell at home to Atalaya 82-68 in a game in which the visitors took a slight advantage and knew how to maintain it despite some good moments from Rojo. Guido Mariani was the top scorer with 21 points

Atalaya’s start was promising thanks to Emanuel Rava, Juan Borches and Damián Palacios to give it a nine-point lead (14-5) based on triples. Provincial calmed down and Pablo Fernández began to take the lead and was able to narrow the deficit to three (16-13). Already at parity, Red was better in defense but in attack it was not effective and Blue closed the quarter up by two (19-17).

In the second chapter Provincial bet on the inside game of Vicente Garello and Federico Pérez who alternated good and bad, and in the visit Fernando Scalella with his breaks towards the hoop continued to mark equality. The visit, in the rotation, came out better and could have a light advantage (32-37), which made Gustavo Lalima ask for a minute to rearm his team’s attack. But when he came out of it, he couldn’t with Atalaya’s emotional momentum, which put the difference in double digits and again a minute requested by the local coach. Franco D’Angelo scored the first triple for Provincial after eleven attempts, but then his rival did not forgive him and went into the break 44-32.

After halftime Provincial started better, adding from the free throw line, but when it seemed that it was on the line, a triple by Emanuel Rava came to put cold cloths on the red comeback. The hoop was closed to the local and Atalaya left him “groggy”, taking an 18-point advantage by averaging the quarter. That made Provincial proud and Guido Mariani was lethal with his shots, generating a 12-3 run that narrowed the gap to nine (53-62).

In the last ten minutes, Provincial set out to defend hard and then be accurate in the rival’s hoop, which he achieved in the first two minutes until Atalaya found his way around and once again had that double-digit advantage. Leandro Yanson began to be important in scoring Azul. Provincial never lowered his arms and searched by all means, but it was not enough and there will be a third game.


Provincial (68): Lucas Rodríguez 0; Pablo Fernández 19; Guido Mariani 21; Tomás Gómez 3; Vicente Garello 8 (x) (IF) Federico Pérez 7; Gastón Gerbaudo 0; Matías Quiroga 2; Franco D’angelo 8; Renzo D´amari 0. DT: Gustavo Lalima.

Atalaya (82): Emanuel Rava 11; Damián Palacios 15; Santiago Orellano 7; John Borches 11; Leandro Yanson 16(FI)Fernando Scalella 14;Lucio Grimaudo 4;Horacio Fascia 4; Nicolás Castaño 0; Santiago Palladino 0; Joaquín Etchevarne 0; Tomás Casas 0. DT: Andrés Farrugia.

Midterms: 17-19; 15-25(32-44);21-18(53-62);15-19(68-82).

Referees: Aitor Aramayo-Alejandro Araujo.

Commissioner: Ricardo Alcaraz.

Stadium: Salvador Bonilla.

Source: Provincial Press.



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