Asmobro, statistics and awards in England to Luis Díaz, FA Cup champion with Liverpool | Premier League

It is not normal. Reaching an already successful team and being the best of the two finals that reported two of the four titles that he fights for in his best season, is not at all what was expected. It is much, much more than that.

And before they think that it is a provincial vision, that it is not a big deal or that any other who had come to that team so oiled was going to succeed, you can well check how much it cost Diogo Jota, how much Minamino, how much one who has proven his worth dozens of times as Origi.

“This is no ordinary start to a career at Anfield. But Diaz is no ordinary player, his pace, direct running, close control and willingness to shoot gave Chelsea defenders nightmares down the left flank during this engrossing final. of the FA Cup”, wrote about him a British newspaper, which has the privilege of following him on a daily basis, the Liverpool Echo.

In 105 days he has done almost everything: FA Cup Champion, Carabao Cup Champion, Champions League Finalist, MVP in the Champions League quarterfinals, MVP in the Champions League semifinals, figure in the derby against Everton and the classic against Manchester United .

“What a player, what a man, what a story! He didn’t score but he was the man of the match. He understood our football 100 percent,” said Jürgen Klopp, the best coach in the world. What else is missing to erase any hint of doubt?

What is coming is Southampton in the most utopian of the goals of a Liverpool, which won’t be enough to win the Premier League if Manchester City doesn’t puncture. But as he perfectly understands what it is about, his life will be at stake this Tuesday, more so now that Mohamed Salah, the most feared man in the trident, is out.

There will be time to think about Paris, a chance to complete a stunning hat-trick in his first season at Liverpool. But today is to recognize that one of the world’s prodigies was born in Colombia. You also have to stand up to him.



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