Arsenal: Henry scratches the management of Saliba

Loaned successively to Nice then to Olympique de Marseille, William Saliba (21 years old, 33 games in L1 this season) has not yet had a chance with Arsenal. While the central defender is completing a full season with OM, Gunners legend Thierry Henry has castigated the management of his ex-club in this matter.

“Arsenal did not even let him make a mistake. He left even before a mistake. He did not have the chance to compete for his place, railed the Prime Video consultant. Let’s talk about what he has been able to do here (in Marseille, editor’s note), it’s extraordinary. It’s rewarded with a selection for the France team. Now, he belongs to Arsenal. I don’t know where he’s going to end up, he didn’t want to It’s a bit difficult for him to express himself on that. I know he could have easily been in the Arsenal group. After starting, I don’t know, I’m not Arteta. I’m not Arteta. I found it difficult for him, but he responded well.”

Still, the London club, with whom Saliba is linked until June 2024, still has a hand in this file.

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