Arsenal defeats Newcastle in the Premier League and statements by Granit Xhaka | premier league

‘Arsenaleada’ on the penultimate day of the English tournament. He comes back and plays…

A new defeat, the second in a row, at the least opportune moment, in St. James Park against him Newcastle (2-0) left the Arsenal out of the posts Champions League where is it installed Tottenhamin the absence of a day to close the Premier.

Two weeks ago the set of Mikel Arteta he had fourth place in the English competition in his hand. A four-game winning streak put the Gunners at the top of the table behind only Manchester City, Liverpool y Chelsea. He had reached an ideal situation in the decisive stretch of the course and depended on himself to achieve a goal that had been denied him since the 2015-2016 season.

The clear defeat suffered on the last date against Tottenham (3-0) set off the alarms. The spurs were placed to slipstream in the classification. Fifth to only one point. On Sunday they beat Burnley and left Arsenal with no room for error. Arteta’s team, completely surpassed by Newcastle, who faced the duel with nothing at stake but left the visitors without arguments, left fourth place at St. James Park.

As long as he could, goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale held the gunners but nothing the meta could do in the 56th minute when a run down the left by Joelinton ended with a cross into the area where Callum Wilson came through. Defender Ben White got in the way and sent the ball into his own goal..

Far from improving with the changes established by the Spanish coach, such as the entry of French attacker Alexander Lacazzette, Arsenal fell apart. He attacked without order and left his defense in the air, with only three players, who did not cover the avalanche against the ‘magpies’.

In one of them, the local team that had lost two games in a row sentenced the match. He closed the victory in the 85th minute with a goal by Bruno Guimaraes who picked up a rebound by the goalkeeper to a shot by Wilson to send the ball into the net.

Arsenal no longer depends on itself. Fifth now in the standings needs a failure from Tottenham on the last day. Arteta’s team, two points behind, faces Everton who are playing for salvation. Tottenham is measured against bottom team already relegated, Norwich.

After the duel, Granit Xhaka, one of the captains of the London team, exploded with fury: “We don’t follow the spoken plan, we don’t listen to the coach, each one did their own thing and, when this happens, we have a disastrous performance. We don’t deserve the Champions League or the Europa League”.

And then he pointed to some colleagues: “If someone is not ready, let them stay at home. It’s that simple. You can be 30, 35, 10 or 18, but if you’re not ready and you’re nervous, stay on the sidelines or stay at home. We need people with balls”.



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