Arctos Sports Partners is also betting on Atalanta

Bear Sports Partners, US private equity operator specialized in the sports sector launched in 2020, acquired a minority stake in theAtalanta per 34 million euros (36 million dollars). Arctos is in fact part of the consortium led by Stephen Pagliucamanaging partner and co-owner of the US basketball team since 2002 Boston Celticsas well as co-chairman of Bain Capital, which last February announced the purchase of the 47,3% of the Bergamo team (see another article by BeBeez). The name of Arctos, however, as a member of the consortium, was only made known in recent days.

In a short time Arctos has already built an international portfolio of 18 well-known teams in different sports: ranging from baseball Boston Red Soxat the football of Liverpoolfrom the basketball of Golden State Warriors and gods Sacramento Kings.

Arctos is led by the founding partners Ian Charleswith a past at Landmark Partners and Cogent Partners, e David “Doc” O’Connor, former president and CEO of Madison Square Garden and former managing partner of Creative Artists Agency. The first fund closed the collection last October 2021 with 2.1 billion dollars of commitments, to which are added co-investment commitments and other parallel vehicles, to reach a total of over $ 3 billion in assets under management (you know here the press release of that time). Arctos Sports Partners and its two founders are also the promoters of Spac NorthStar Bears Acquisition Corp. which went public on the NYSE in February 2021, after raising $ 275 million from investors (see here the press release of that time).

We recall that the operation with the consortium led by Pagliuca last February had valued the team around 400 million euros. In detail, the transaction envisages that the investor club deal will acquire the 55% of the capital of La Dea srla holding owned by the Percassi family which today controls 86% Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio spa, while the Percassi family will remain the owner of the remaining 45%. The remaining 14% of Atalanta BC instead belongs to 5.33% Radici Partecipazioni spapart of the Bergamo-based group producing polyamides, synthetic fibers and technopolymers RadiciGrouplong-time sponsor of the club; for another 5.33% a Magica srlwhich belongs to Roberto Selinipresident of the group specializing in sales, rental and assistance for forklifts, lifting, tools and automation Selini Groupin turn sponsor of the team; and for the rest to approximately 160 minority shareholders.



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