Archery contest announced in Paso de la Patria

The tourist village of Paso de la Patria will host an indoor competition (under roof and with artificial light) of Archery.
The event will be organized by the Corrientes Archery Club, in what corresponds to a date on the official calendar of the Argentine Archery Federation (Fatarco). The appointment will be next Sunday 29 at the municipal sports center.
This competition will mark the beginning of the tournament schedule for Corrientes, as other tournaments are scheduled to take place, including a national final. In this way, the institution is working on the organization and logistics of the event, which will be accompanied by the Municipality of Paso de la Patria.
The opportunity will also be used to spread the activity, since the club’s idea is to be able to expand this sport to other municipalities in the province, with the aim of growing the discipline and getting more people to practice archery.
The test will feature athletes from different provinces of the country, such as Misiones, Chaco, Entre Ríos and Santa Fe, in addition to the shooters from Corrientes. More than 60 archers are expected to participate in this tournament, which has a homologation character (grants places for the national final).
Admission for the general public will be free and free, since this discipline seeks to highlight values ​​such as camaraderie, friendship and family, in addition to empowering shooters by giving them the opportunity to compete against good opponents. There will also be a buffet service for those who decide to spend the day there.


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