Aptiv won in the Business Basketball Tournament – El Sol de Parral

The team from the Aptiv maquiladora took a victory, in the development of day four, of the Business Basketball Tournament, after beating the representative of the Pan American Service with a score of 65 points by 46, in actions developed exclusively on Saturdays in the stave of the Municipal Auditorium Gymnasium.

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What has been expressed, puts the maquiladoras with a mark of two wins for one lost, while those who transport the money, stayed with a mark of 2-2; for the winners, René Hernández stood out under the boards with 25 points; while, for the fallen, Beto Sáenz scored 22 units.

In other commitments on date four, the Central Workshop team easily won the victory due to the absence of the Technological representative, with the traditional scoreboard of 20-0; and Los Capis, surpassed Prydisa with a score of 73-46, standing out on offense, Fernando Benítez with 19 points; since by Toño Valdez’s godchildren, Carlos Aragón was dispatched with 27 units.

To culminate in this category, the representative of the Municipality of Parral had no major problems and won by a difference of 51 points over the Heineken team 73-22; being the best on the field with his offensive contribution, Jorge Luna with 20 units, while for the defeated, Jorge Aguirre scored nine.

For its part, in women’s free; Champs Club defeated Panteras, 29 points to 26, with baskets by Catalina Nevarez with 10 points; for the rivals, Flor Salazar with nine; Venadas outscored Sparks 50-19, standing out under the boards, Nubia Arredondo with 14 points; for the losers, Alondra Ramos with eight and Panteras won by way of absence over Gallos.

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In addition, in the free category “B”, Trokas Castañeda beat El Valle 57-48, with an offensive contribution from César Castañeda Jr. with 14 points; for the fallen, Armando Frías with 13; High Power triumphed over InterMas with a score of 64-52, being the best basket player, Quirino Baca, with 13 points; by the rivals, Daniel Hinojos, with 19 units.



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