Amorebieta-Huesca: “It’s a match in which you have to be professional”, says Mikel Rico

SD Huesca

The former rojiblanco warns that Huesca will go to Lezama “to try to win” a duel that could be definitive for Amorebieta

Amorebieta has an absolutely vital appointment this Saturday for its aspirations to continue fighting for permanence. A duel in which he is only worth winning to add three points that keep his options alive, both sports and mathematics. Because the latter do not always go hand in hand with the former, even if the numbers say otherwise. In front of the zornotzarras will be a Huesca that can no longer fight to enter the promotion play-off, but that does not see its continuity in the category threatened either.

The azulgranas have nothing at stake in this confrontation, but they will not go to Lezama for a walk. There is always that sporting ‘honor’, to which a Mikel Rico appeals who knows very well the red and white facilities in which the stake will be played. “We are going to try to win, it is a game in which you have to be professional because there are teams that are playing things,” says the veteran Huesca player.

«You play with his future (that of Amorebieta), but you also play with the future of Sporting, Málaga, Real Sociedad B… you cannot think that you are only playing with the future of those who are ahead because in other fields there are people risking their professional future, their families and everything, ”continues the man from Arrigorriaga. “You have to always win. Other times we have seen each other on the other side and you always want teams to compete when they go to fields where you are playing something. And that is what we have to do, “adds Rico, making it very clear that if Amorebieta wants to win this match, they will have to do it sweating the fat drop.

That ambition, that imperative need to achieve victory, that risking life in each duel is what should mark the future of the match against Xisco Muñoz’s team. It is the Amorebieta that is playing the beans and should make it noticeable on the green. «When you are playing something, you fight for an objective. And whenever you have a clear and real objective in mind, it is much easier to compete”, admits Mikel Rico. «For us it is not the same to be 8 than 14 at a professional level or for economic reasons for the club. There are things at stake, but it is not the same. And yes, it costs a little more », he acknowledges.

a special comeback

The former Athletic player will return to Lezama on Saturday, where he developed a good part of his career for six seasons. «When I return to Bizkaia to play it is always special, in Lezama even more so», he comments. «I have been there six years training, enjoying all that. It is a special game », emphasizes the midfielder, who could meet again on the green with his teammate in the rojiblanca core Mikel San José, as happened in the duel of the first round in El Alcoraz.

The 37-year-old midfielder from Arrigorriaga will not continue at Huesca at the end of the season, something that he lives with naturalness and professionalism, qualities that have always accompanied him. In recent weeks he has lost weight in the lineups. «We would all like to have more minutes, play more, play from the start… But there are also people who are playing less. It seems that when you are in a situation where you don’t play much you always look at those who are better than you, and there are also people who are worse. We all work for the same », he asserts.

«These are my last games with the Huesca shirt, and yes they are special. But I take it as something natural. The seasons are over, the stages are over. There are three games left to enjoy », indicates Mikel Rico, who has not yet defined his future: « I will continue working, waiting… my idea is to try to continue playing ».


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