Alternative Sports School will bring modalities such as Gaelic football, korfball and rugby touch to Bolaños this year – Ciudad Real News

The School of Alternative Sports (EDA) returns to Bolaños de Calatrava this year with a range of activities that includes the practice of Gaelic football, football-tennis, ‘korfball’, ‘rugby touch’, ‘floorball’ or ‘picketball’. The registration period for this initiative is now open and will run until June 10.

As they have indicated from the Department of Sports, “the practice of alternative sports improves skills and motor skills in traditional sports.” For this reason, from July 4 to 29, this Alternative Sports School will be held, which will be taught from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., as reported by the Consistory in a press release.

This initiative will include activities such as ringo, ultimate, which is done with a flying disc; ‘rugby touch’; ‘floorball’; ‘picketball’, which is a racket game that combines tennis, paddle tennis, badminton and ping pong; Gaelic football, a game played on rectangular pitches with H-shaped goals; soccer-tennis, ‘korfball’, an activity similar to basketball but with a special basket; dodgeball and ‘touchball’.

Additionally, workshops will be held on first aid, nutrition and food, preparation of the material itself, values ​​and prevention of bullying and mindfulness.

Registrations can be submitted until June 10 through the mobile application of the Department of Sports. The cost of limited places is 50 euros per person, being aimed at children born between 2008 and 2013, both inclusive.

With the payment of these, sports insurance, free swimming pool, healthy breakfast, inflatables and gymkanas and the delivery of official clothing consisting of two shirts, two pants and a backpack will be included.

The objective of this Alternative Sports School is to contribute to the development of their social skills, develop values ​​such as respect, solidarity or teamwork through sport and instill postural hygiene habits, healthy living, care and respect for materials and spaces. In addition, the minors will be able to learn about different games and sports with which to enrich themselves motorically and they will learn to respect the differences of their peers.



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