Almeida leaves the Giro due to covid and Landa already has the podium on a plate

the portuguese cyclist Joao Almeida fourth classified in the Giro d’Italia, does not start in the 18th stage of the test after have tested positive for Covid, as reported this Thursday by the organization of the test. Almeida He was only 49 seconds behind Mikel Landa in the general classification and was the greatest threat for the rider from Alava in his challenge to at least get on the podium in Verona this Sunday, which is when the Italian round ends.

Landa had the mission in the two mountain stages with a high finish scheduled for Friday and Saturday to knock out the Portuguese rider again, since 49 seconds were not a reassuring income for the final time trial of Verona, with 71.4 kilometers, where Almeida he was infinitely better than the Basque cyclist.

Now Landa He no longer has any real threat to reach the podium in Verona since the fourth place in the general classification is Vincenzo Nibalialthough the veteran Italian cyclist, in his last Giro, is at a reassuring distance of 4.43 minutes from the man from Alava.



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